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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Disko Bay in Greenland

When should I visit? Are there even dog sledges in Greenland? We made a list of the top questions and answered them below.

1. What's the best time for me to go to the Disko Bay?

The best time is now. There is not a bad time to go to the Disko Bay. It depends on what you want to do and see. If you would like to try short days, clear wind and a lot of snow. You should go there in winter time. For long days where the sun barely goes down because of the midnight sun, where it's a bit warmer and with less snow. Summer would be your best time. 

2. What are the chances to see Northern Lights?

From early autumn throughout winter time your chances to see Northern Lights are very high. Not a guarantee but the odds are high.

4. Are there many guided tours? 

There is a sea of opportunity talking about guided tours at the Disko Bay and around of it. It's such a beautiful place to go exploring. The opportunities are many, but remember to book the tours in advance. It's a popular place to visit and therefore tours gets sold out quickly. 

5. Can you even go dog sledding in Greenland?

Dog sledding is very greenlandic and such an experience. This is yet another reason to go to the Disko Bay, as you've got many opportunities to go dog sledding in the cities nearby. The best time for this will be in spring around march - may. 

“To Travel is to Live”

H.C. Andersen

6. What is there to see and do during summer?

Greenland is known for its blossoming summers. Imagine waking up on a Tuesday. Go outside with just your trekking shoes and a light jacket on. It looks cold because of the snow which is still on the ground, but it's warm outside from the sun that always shines. The air is fresh. The sky is all blue. And all you have planned this day is to go trekking in the nature right outside of your door. The day after you can go fishing on a rented boat. One more thing: in summer you'll experience the midnight sun - which is indescribable!

7. Greenland must have trees, flowers etc. everywhere. Right?

The name confuses many. Why is it called greenland when 80% of the land is covered by ice? 2,5 million years ago the land was green. Time's changed and now the same land is covered by ice. Though, in summer, you can visit Greenland and discover lots of flowers, other greenlandic plants and a green greenland. The Disko Bay is a perfect place for this.

9. What time of the year can I see whales?

The sea near the Disko Bay is full of life. Is it your biggest dream to see a humpback whale? A Killer whale or a seal? Of course, this will never be something anyone can guarantee that you'll see. But in Greenland the chances are high. If this is your biggest dream, we highly recommend you to go sailing at the Disko Bay in summer. 

10. What if I wanna go roadtripping in the area?

Is there really a country on 2,16 million square km and with 56.000 inhabitants that hasn't got any roads? Yes. Greenland. You can drive in the cities, and there are roads in the city. But you cannot drive out of town to the nearby city. Nor can you cross the country to see the western part of the land. Yet another unique thing about Greenland.