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Frequently Asked Questions

About Arctic Nature and Wildlife

1. What kind of animals can I see?

There are herds of muskoxen close to the hub airport Kangerlussuaq, and the possibility to see them is fairly high. There are reindeer in many areas, and you may have a chance to see them around Kangerlussuaq, but in other places, you need to have good luck on a trek into the countryside. Arctic hare and fox are everywhere in Greenland, and you have a good chance to meet them if you go out hiking. Whales and seals at sea are abundant, and eagles frequent the sky in many places. Up north you may come upon the iconic Arctic tern, which migrate between the Arctic and Antarctic.

2. How can I see polar bears?

It’s not easy to see polar bears in Greenland. Most Greenlandic children only see polar bears in zoos in Europe. Polar bears live on sea ice, so you might have a chance of seeing footprints if you go to Melville Bay or Nares Strait in the northwest, or Ittoqqortoormiit on the east coast. Local hunters go on month-long hunting expeditions to these areas, but as a traveler, don’t count on meeting a bear while you are here. 

3. Does it rain and snow a lot in Greenland?

In the southern half of Greenland, it can rain and snow, which occurs most often from autumn to early winter. In northern Greenland, the weather is more stable, with low precipitation year round. Spring to early summer brings beautiful calm weather to many areas.

4. Can I see icebergs anywhere in Greenland?

 Yes, you can see icebergs almost anywhere in Greenland. This is because the inland ice sheet covers all of Greenland from north to south. 

Glaciers are rivers of ice that slowly flow from the inland ice towards the sea. When a glacier reaches the sea, it releases ice into the water, which become icebergs . So if you see the inland ice close to the coast on the map, that is a sign that there will be icebergs around.

5. Where and when can I see northern lights?

You can see northern lights almost anywhere in Greenland, expect in the high north. Uummannaq is the farthest north where they are often seen. The northern lights are out there in any season, but you need a clear dark sky to see them. October to March is the season for northern lights. If you go south, you have a chance to see them in September and April too.