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Frequently Asked Questions

about midnight sun tours

1. Where can I see the midnight sun?

You can see the midnight sun if you go north of the Arctic Circle. In Greenland the hub airport Kangerlussuaq and the nearby town Sisimiut are located just above (north of) the Arctic Circle. Ilulissat is in North Greenland and has the midnight sun for 2 months. At the northernmost town Qaanaaq, the sun stays in the sky for 4 months.

But even in southernmost Greenland, it doesn’t get dark at midnight during the summer. The sunset turns into twilight and then you get the beautiful colours of sunrise again.

2. When can I see the midnight sun?

At the Arctic Circle, the sun touches the horizon and goes up again on summer solstice (the longest day of the year). When you go further north, the sun stays above the horizon for a longer period: Kangerlussuaq June 2nd – July 9th   Ilulissat May 21st – July 24th  Qaanaaq April 21st – August 22nd

If you want to see the “sun” at the beginning or end of the period, you may have to climb a hill. if there are mountains in the direction of the sunrise or sunset.

3. Do the mignight sun tours go out around midnight?

There are tours that go out around 9 or 10 in the evening and come back around midnight. Most tours follow the movement of the sun, and adjust departures times to get the best experience.