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Water sports in Greenland

A winter wonderland – Snowboarding in Nuuk

Greenlandic Food

Hiking from Nuuk to Kapisillit – shelter to shelter

Dog sledding musher in Sisimiut

An extended sunshine weekend in Sisimiut

Winter sail tour among icebergs to the settlements of Kapisillit and Qoornoq

Boat trip to the Pituffik Glacier

Korean living in Greenland

Exploring South Greenland

Camping with children in Greenland

Outdoor adventure in Greenland

Soaking in the Uunartoq Hot Spring near Qaqortoq

Uunartoq Hot Spring

Whale til on a whale watching trip near Aasiaat

Whale Safari in Aasiaat

The magnificent Eternity Fjord near Maniitsoq

Introduction to stand-up paddleboarding

Qooqqut Nuan fishing and eating adventure

Ice and a massive glacier near the start of the Nuuk Icefjord on a boat tour with Guide to Greenland

Sailing to the Nuuk Icefjord

A Northern Lights myth from Greenland

My first Northern Lights

Niviarsiaq - Greenland National Flower - Guide to Greenland

Niviarsiaq – Greenland’s National Flower

Iceberg highway – the Sermilik Fjord in East Greenland

Greenlandic Sled Dogs

Northern Lights in Greenland – the Midnight Sun

Camping near the Karale Glacier north of Tasiilaq and Kulusuk on a long-distance hiking tour in East Greenland - Guide to Greenland

Unplugged Wilderness Trekking Experience in East Greenland

Wildflowers of South Greenland

Greenland in October

Sailing in Ilulissat

Melting glaciers in Greenland

Sailing in Greenland – a balm for the soul

Disko island is a paradise island

Weather in Greenland

Narsaq – Greenland

Guided hikes in Greenland

Summer in Greenland

Midnight sun, Ilulissat

Nuuk citylife

Sisimiut – a must visit place!

Experience the Guest farm Inneruulalik in South Greenland

Flying above Greenland – one of the most scenic flights

Hello from Nuuk, capital of Greenland

Qaqortoq, the biggest town in South Greenland

December in Greenland

Kangerlussuaq and Roklubben Restaurant

Winter in Ilulissat

Berry picking in Nuuk, Greenland

Blushing morning sky in Nuuk

Just so natural winter in Greenland

The beauty of East Greenland


Coolest adventure in Nuuk Ice Fiord!

Mindfulness in Greenland

Dried meat and fish

Northern lights

Ilulissat – The town of the icebergs

Winter, snow and sun

Flowery Nuuk

Sunday well spent

Trying SUP for the first time in Nuuk icefjord

Puffins in Greenland

Face to face with Russell Glacier

Icebergs – mountains of ice and wonder

The ice sheet that covers our arctic dreams

Polar bears at their Arctic Kingdom

Dog Sled Expedition in East Greenland

Seal Hunting One Brilliant Day in Sermilik Fjord, East Greenland

Ilulissat – Gargantuan icebergs, whale filled fjords and fascinating Inuit hunters

The most beautiful flight to Nuuk

Fantastically beautiful hike around Lille Malene

Colorful trip with icebergs in Kapisillit!

Time flies like a puffin!

Boat tour in Nuuk Fjord with icebergs and whales

Hiking for dummies…

Muskoxen and Men – The Inuit Hunting Tradition

Fishing and mosquitoes trip

Dancing with horses in Greenland

How does it feel to reach Greenland again?

I am sailing in Greenland…

Foraging in the arctic summer

Fishing in the Greenlandic summer

What to do and what NOT to do in Greenland?

Hiking with the locals

The silent adventure of dog sledging in Sisimiut

Adventure over the adventure

Get a fresh sigh in the old settlement Sermermiut

Snowshoeing in the moonlight

Greenland – A Nature Paradise for Photo Enthusiasts

Photographing wildlife in Greenland

With your feet on the glacier

Cemetery in Kulusuk

Hiking in the Nuuk Fjord

Sailing among giants

Hiking to the Nuuk Icefjord

The amazing Muskox of Kangerlussuaq

Hiking Lille Malene… accidentally

5 things to do in Greenland during Winter

Ptarmigan hunting and why I love the fall in Nuuk!

Dogsledding in Uummannaq

50 Shades of Grey – in Greenland

A weekend of ice fishing in Nuuk

The first time I saw a seal resting on an Iceberg


Sun dogs and solar pillars

Experience the new Unesco World Heritage Landscape of Aasivissuit- Nipisat