Before the hike, I was sincerely worried about how it would go, because I haven’t done such a long mountain hike in years! Ukkusissat, or Store Malene as it is called in Danish, is 772 meters above sea level and the hike started almost by sea level. Would it be possible for me to climb to the top even though I haven’t hiked in years?

The hike started with very easy trays. I figured out fast that I put on way too many layers of clothes. I was afraid that it would be cold, but maybe it would be a good idea to check the weather forecast before going, because despite the clouds at the beginning of the day, it was sunny and almost no wind!

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginnerThat's where the guide says “this is where the hike really starts”.

The guide also explains how the hike splits in two at one point, and you can choose to do the difficult part or the easy part. In the beginning, I thought that it was no reason to make it more difficult than it already is. But as we got there, I figured out that I would rather do the difficult road because that involved more climbing which I think just made the hike funnier. And the difficult road was shorter as well.

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginner

About halfway to the top, we couldn’t see far because we were in the cloud. It was like that for a long time until we barely could see the mountaintop through the fog. 

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginner

We stopped and decided to take some pictures. And suddenly all of the fog was gone! It went so fast from not seeing anything a few meters ahead of you to see the mountaintop and the sun! I checked the time on when the pictures were taken and it was exactly 5 minutes from seeing only fog to no fog. 

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginner


Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginnerAfter finishing up with the small photoshoot, we kept going to the top. The guide keeps motivating us and says that it’s only 25 minutes left till we’re on the top.

Finally, I could see the flag on the top of the mountain and I was so happy to have finally made it! The guide stops to wait for the rest and let me go first. And I ran to the flag feeling just as excited like a kid. And the sense of achievement hit me. 

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginner

We took a well-deserved break at the mountaintop and the guide brought some interesting snacks…Whole fish dried. I don't remember what it's called, but you can see on the picture under. I was pretty hungry, so I decided to have a taste. I must admit that it isn’t a favorite so I gave the rest of my fish away, and looked forward to dinner after the hike instead. 
Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginnerDo you know what they are called? Have you tasted it before?

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginnerAfter the break, most of the clouds over Nuuk disappeared.

TIP: It can be a lot of mosquitoes on the top, especially when there is almost no wind, so if that is something bothering you a lot, I’d recommend bringing a mosquito net. 

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginnerThe way down could be though for the knees, but if you bring a plastic bag or have waterproof pants you can slide down a part of the mountain because there is still some snow there!

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginnerFor the flower lovers; there are beautiful flowers along the hike as well. 

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginner

So the conclusion is that it is possible to do this hike even if you haven’t hiked in a while. The only thing I would do differently next time I go on this hike is to bring lunch because we used about 6-7 hours on the hike. I was told that someone did the hike in half an hour (!), but we preferred to take our time and enjoy the breaks with snacks and a nice view. 

Read more about the Ukkusissat mountain hike here and feel free to ask questions!

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