Qeqertarsuaq has many hike possibilities, and one of them goes to this beautiful sight Kuannit. Just an hour away from the town is one of the most gorgeous places I have seen in Greenland!  This time I saw it from the seaside on an afternoon boat tour with friends. So pure so beautiful!Hiking tours in Greenland | Disko Bay

Hiking tour from Qeqertarsuaq to Kuannit in Disko Bay

During summer is this place very green with bushes and many angelicas. So the name Kuannit is the Greenlandic word for the plant angelica,
This is a totally a unique sight comparing to the rest of Greenland and can be visited all year round but the yellow markings are only visible during summer. 

Hiking tours in Greenland | Disko Bay

Disko Island is vulcanic created and has therefore also created these beautifully shaped basalt mountains. 

I have spent so many times here during summer, by myself and just enjoyed the calm beautiful surroundings. During winter is a bit harder to get there, it is possible, but it can be very slippery and from December can be very deep snow.


Hiking tours in Greenland | Disko Bay

25-65 million years old basalt mountains in Greenland

These basalt mountains are created 25-65 million years ago by volcanic activity. 

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