The best day off for me is to get away from everything and enjoy the nature.

This weekend a friend asked another friend and I if we would like to enjoy him on a boat tour in the disco bay, and of course, we went out! :-)   

Sailing in Disco bayEven though we are used to this huge and beautiful nature, we still find it breathtaking and have many pictures of icebergs :-) 

Sailing in Disco bay

There are so many beautiful shaped icebergs in many sizes. 

I love to spend the time on the sea, where I can really relax and enjoy the cold fresh air and the smell of the sea and the ice. 

My boat memories go way back. My father had several boats in my childhood so I have spent many hours on the sea while growing up. Sometimes we went out for the weekend, fishing, collecting berries, making pancakes on board while singing along to whatever music we were listening to. Good times! 

Sailing in Disco bayOh, these kinds of evenings! This is what I miss the most when I am abroad and are looking forward to every time I leave Greenland. 

This huge space makes it easier to breathe and relax. I have said it before and will say it again, The best place for meditation! :-) <3 

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